The Cannabis Fund

The Current Gold Rush

I have been looking for a way to invest in this new cannabis industry, but there is not an easily accessible mutual fund or ETF that is available to us.  So, I did it myself.  Using a new TD ameritrade account, I invested a small chunk of my retirement money and purchased 50 different positions, all of companies heavily involved in this new industry.  I am not a Fund Manager by profession, and I have no intention of trading these stocks - my goal is to hold on to these for twenty years as they grow.

There are few moments in a lifetime where one can take advantage of something that could explode financially.  Is this is one of them?

The purpose of this site is not to turn myself into a salesman or a manager of this fund; I happen to love my career as a teacher, this is just a side investment.  This is simply to display and share my idea with my friends and family.

Of course, I am accepting other investors.  Any other like minded people are welcome.  My plan is to hold on to this entire portfolio for twenty years, with no intention of trading.

I believe this industry will grow, but I accept that it could be slowly, or possibly not at all.  This is a risk - but one I feel is worth the price.

New Investors

America's new natural resource?
Our new cash crop?
Why Invest?
  1. Time is on our side
    You cannot go back in time and invest in industries that have boomed already. The stocks in this fund have not yet exploded and have the potential to grow as the industry does.
  2. An upward trend
    This industry is now completely legal in 8 states, with 20 more states allowing medicinal use. Millions of people are making money, regardless of federal law.
  3. Just one investment
    If you're here, you likely have a portfolio already. This speculative fund should be just one slice of your pie.