The Cannabis Fund


The investment seeks to replicate as closely as possible, the price and yield performance of the United States Marijuana Index . The fund normally invests at least 95% of its total assets in common stocks of companies involved in the Cannabis industry. The fund is non-diversified.


The goal is to buy into this industry and hold until retirement. The packages are set up for a target year of 2037. This is a minimally managed account, with a strong buy and hold philosophy.  
The Process
I purchased $4,200 of stocks in 60 different companies.  The total amount fees to purchase the shares is nearly $600.  Since this idea is in it's infancy, I would not be looking to make money off of people, but to grow the pot and cover the expenses of the TD Ameritrade fees.  If we can gather multiple investors at a time, we can save on the fees.

1 Share of The Cannabis Fund =  $4,200 (Approx Market Value)    *already owned
Cost+fees = $4,800  (minimum cost to buy into fund if buying alone)     *already purchased
Asking price of 1 Share to primary investors = $4,900  
Asking price of 1 Share to primary investors buying together = $4,400
Wishing price of selling a share to a secondary investor  = $5,000   


Top 5 holdings by position
Cannabis Sativa Inc.
Kush Bottles Inc.
Innovative Industrial Properties Inc.
Grow Generation Corp.
General Cannabis Corp.